Build ChibiOS/HAL under Segger Embedded Studio

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Build ChibiOS/HAL under Segger Embedded Studio

Postby adrock » Thu Dec 20, 2018 3:09 pm


I've been working just with CMSIS before, now want to try to have a real HAL using ChibiOS/HAL.

Did everyone ever tried to build ChibiOS(/HAL) using the Segger IDE?

My build environment is Windows 7 x64, target device is STM32F405 (but maybe others in the future).

Unfortunately this IDE is not supporting just running "make", but it has it's own Solution/Project/File (dependency) management. It is using GCC ARM as compiler indeed.

So I see two possible solutions:

Either adding only the required files for specific device to the IDE and import them properly to the project repository and having everything build by the IDE


build ChibiOS object files outside the IDE by using standard GNU make (and GCC supplied by the IDE of course) and then only import the object files to the project.

However, before moving on, maybe someone already has solved this?

Also one more question: When building a proejct using ChibiOS/HAL, do I still have to include the standard STM32 CMSIS files (device includes, startup code), or is the code of ChibiOS really "bare metal"?


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Re: Build ChibiOS/HAL under Segger Embedded Studio

Postby Giovanni » Thu Dec 20, 2018 3:33 pm


Never tried the Segger IDE so I cannot help there. ChibiOS has been build with Eclipse, Keil, IAR, Codewarrior, Codeblocks, GHS and lots of others so it should be possible to do the same for your IDE.

About ChibiOS, it is 100% standalone, it provides also startup files. HAL uses CMSIS registers headers but also those are included in ChibiOS, it uses no external libraries.


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