GCC warnings due to outdated CMSIS Topic is solved

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GCC warnings due to outdated CMSIS  Topic is solved

Postby Thargon » Thu Jul 05, 2018 10:40 am


GCC 7 warns when compiling ChibiOS 17.6.x and 18.2.x about unallowed 'register' storage class specifier in cmsis_gcc.h, an issue which has been fixed in the recent CMSIS 5.3 (or maybe already in 5.1 or 5.2 - I only checked 5.0 (broken) and 5.3).

For ChibiOS 17.6.x the exact file path is os/common/ext/CMSIS/include/cmsis_gcc.h and GCC complains about lines 150 (function '__get_PSP(void)') and 175 (function '__get_MSP(void)'). The error message is:

Code: Select all

warning: ISO C++1z does not allow 'register' storage class specifier [-Wregister]
   register uint32_t result;
For ChibiOS 18.2.x tha path is now os/common/ext/ARM/CMSIS/Core/include/cmsis_gcc.h.
In the recent version of CMSIS those 'register' keywords have been removed to fix the issue.

Maybe the CMSIS parts can be updated for ChibiOS 17.6.x and 18.2.x?

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PS: I don't want to start the discussion anew here, but if ChibiOS would use Git instead of SVN, the official ARM CMSIS 5 repository could be included as submodule and it would be much easier to maintain...

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Re: GCC warnings due to outdated CMSIS

Postby Giovanni » Sat Jul 07, 2018 5:24 pm


Updated in trunk and 18.2 to 5.3.0.


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