STM32F030x4 bugs Topic is solved

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STM32F030x4 bugs  Topic is solved

Postby omcdr » Wed May 09, 2018 7:03 am

I'm trying to use NIL and HAL with STM32F030x4 in 18.2.1 but I got a lot of errors.
I have set #define STM32F030x4 in my board.h and I have found bugs:

- in hal_lld.h missing #if defined(STM32F030x4) got

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#error "STM32F0xx device unsupported or not specified"

- in STM32F0xx/stm32_registry.h

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#if defined(STM32F030x4) || defined(STM32F030x6)
#define STM32_HAS_GPIOC                     TRUE
#define STM32_HAS_GPIOD                     TRUE

STM32F030x4 do not have GPIOC and GPIOD ports

- in LDD/TIMv1/stm32_tim.h

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#define STM32_TIM2      ((stm32_tim_t *)TIM2_BASE)

STM32F030x4 do not have TIM2

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Re: STM32F030x4 bugs

Postby Giovanni » Sun May 27, 2018 8:59 am


Fixed as bug #952.


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