Add STM32F765 to stm32_registry.h

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Add STM32F765 to stm32_registry.h

Postby cookiewill » Thu Jan 31, 2019 10:58 pm


I think STM32F765xx could be added in the following section of stm32_registry.h:

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#if defined(STM32F767xx) || defined(STM32F769xx) ||                         \
    defined(STM32F777xx) || defined(STM32F779xx) ||                         \

In this datasheet, there is the same block diagram for STM32F765xx and STM32F767xx. Also, in this ST document, it is said that "The STM32F765 line is similar to the STM32F767 with the exception of the TFT controller and JPEG codec which are not available in the STM32F765".
So it seems like STM32F765xx is equivalent to STM32F767xx with regards to what is defined in stm32_registry.h.

Do you think STM32F765xx could be added there ?

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Re: Add STM32F765 to stm32_registry.h

Postby Giovanni » Fri Feb 01, 2019 5:56 am


Sure, it should be easy to add if it is equal. In the meanwhile you may declare it as a STM32F767xx in board.h.


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