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m25q STM32F746-DISCO example project (QSPI-N25Q128)

Posted: Thu Jun 15, 2017 8:11 pm
by cpu20

I have taken the QSPI-N25Q128 example project from the STM32L4xx and changed it so it works for the STM32F746-DISCO platform.
For now the pins are set manually in the main file, but I also attached a changed board.h file for the STM32F746-DISCO. If that board file is used then the pin configurations are done automatically and the configuration can be removed from the main file.
I have tested the program and it works perfectly for me.

Note that when using the m25q-driver on the M7-platform the QSPI uses DMA so the cache coherency problem pops up again. (Some minor fixes need to be made to the m25q-driver to work perfectly for the M7-platform, see this thread)

I hope the project is helpful for some people :)