ChibiOS on VEX

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ChibiOS on VEX

Postby jpearman » Sat Jan 04, 2014 5:13 am

Figured I should post a link to the project I worked on in mid 2013, it's called ConVEX and stands for ChibiOS on VEX.

VEX robotics (I'm a user, team coach and mentor, not an employee) provides the VEX robotics design system, educational robotics parts used by many schools and the core of the VEX robotics competition. There are about 7500 registered teams participating in this competition for middle and high school students, it culminates with a "world championship" in Anaheim each April. The competition is international with teams from all over the world attending.

The robot controller that is used is based on an STM32F103 micro-controller. Although there are two commercial development systems offered for the students to develop their robot control software, EasyC from Intelitek and ROBOTC from robomatter (really Carnegie Mellon Univercity), I wanted to offer a fully open source solution based on an existing toolchain (gcc) and tools (eclipse).

So after some (a lot) of reverse engineering of the VEX cortex, I released the first version on ConVEX last August. You can read about its features here.

We now have several high school teams switched over to ConVEX and using ChibiOS :)


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