ANSI Console on

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ANSI Console on

Postby jafrey » Thu Nov 21, 2013 3:01 pm

Apologies if this is too basic for 'code samples' but it's been a long time since I used C and still in the learning process with Chibi. My development board is a STM32F4Discovery. Hopefully some other beginners can find this useful.

My end goal is to create a ANSI compatible console so that rather than a just a basic 'run command' interface it's more of a 'GUI' (or at least building blocks to do so.

First Milestone: Print the number of the serial port and an incrementing number on ALL serial. I took my Usb<->Serial device and poked around all of the called out pins and, much to my surprise, it worked!

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        // Activates the UART driver 1, PA9(TX) and PA10(RX) are routed to USART1.
        // Activates the UART driver 2, PA2(TX) and PA3(RX) are routed to USART2.
        // Activates the UART driver 3, PB10(TX) and PB11(RX) are routed to USART3.
        // Activates the UART driver 4, PC10(TX) and PC11(RX) are routed to UART4.
        // Activates the UART driver 5, PC12(TX) and PD2(RX) are routed to UART5.
        // Activates the UART driver 6, PC6(TX) and PC7(RX) are routed to USART6.

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while (TRUE) {
                if (SDU1.config->usbp->state == USB_ACTIVE) {
                        chprintf((BaseSequentialStream *)&SDU1, "Serial USB: %d\r\n", i);
                chprintf((BaseSequentialStream *)&SD1, "Serial 1: %d\r\n", i);
                chprintf((BaseSequentialStream *)&SD2, "Serial 2: %d\r\n", i);
                chprintf((BaseSequentialStream *)&SD3, "Serial 3: %d\r\n", i);
                chprintf((BaseSequentialStream *)&SD4, "Serial 4: %d\r\n", i);
                chprintf((BaseSequentialStream *)&SD5, "Serial 5: %d\r\n", i);
                chprintf((BaseSequentialStream *)&SD6, "Serial 6: %d\r\n", i);

Milestone 2: Print out different ANSI escape sequences to change the color, background and font.

Picture of how it appears in 2 different consoles with default settings. Eclipse terminal is on the left (white background), PuTTY is on the right (black background)

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Re: ANSI Console on

Postby Giovanni » Thu Nov 21, 2013 3:52 pm


You mean creating something like curses in UNIX? ... library%29


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Re: ANSI Console on

Postby jafrey » Thu Nov 21, 2013 5:57 pm

Giovanni wrote:You mean creating something like curses in UNIX? ... library%29

Similar. I plan on using chibiOS to create an engine controller. I would like to make a terminal interface similar to this for some of my tuning work: ... XMqQKf_F3U

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Re: ANSI Console on

Postby mobyfab » Fri Nov 29, 2013 12:47 am

Really nice, good job! :)

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