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Postby RoccoMarco » Thu Jun 06, 2013 3:22 pm

I'm new on this board and also in embedded. Someone asked me a demo on the use of MEMS for STM32f3, so i decided to publish this project. I have tried to write clear and detailed comments and readme also has been edited. I've also tried to follow the style of ChibiOS project and I hope this can be useful.

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**          ChibiOS/RT HAL - ON_BOARD_MEMS for STM32F30x.              **

** TARGET **

The demo runs on an ST STM32F3-Discovery board.

** The Demo **

This application demonstrates uses of shell, MEMS and serial over USB. When
application starts, shell is launched. Connect your board using "USB USER"
and using a Terminal, just insert "help" command to see all other commands

** Required libraries **

In order to use this demos you need to need "l3gd20.h", "l3gd20.c",
"lsm303dlhc.h", "lsm303dlhc.c", "usbcfg.c", "usbcfg.h". These files
were included in the archive.

** Build Procedure **

The demo has been tested using the free Codesourcery GCC-based toolchain
Just modify the TRGT line in the makefile in order to use different GCC ports.

** Notes **

Some files used by the demo are not part of ChibiOS/RT but are copyright of
ST Microelectronics and are licensed under a different license.
Also note that not all the files present in the ST library are distributed
with ChibiOS/RT, you can find the whole library on the ST web site:

Demo on MEMS, Shell and USBCDC for STM32F30x
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Re: Shell, MEMS & USBCDC

Postby jscott » Thu Jun 06, 2013 7:23 pm

oohhhh..... Nice looking demo.

I was working on something to read and manage the onboard devices, but have
been caught up in the details. This should help a lot!!

-John Scott

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