Howto: CLion and ChibiOS

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Howto: CLion and ChibiOS

Postby JSStabl » Mon Mar 02, 2020 3:56 pm

Since CLion supports OpenOCD it's rather easy to use with ChibiOS. I'm using WSL for the compiler. CLion only accepts CMake Projects as of now, so I'm using a CMake Macro and a compileDB to get Clion to work.

Simply add a CMakeLists.txt to the directory. Setup WSL as a compiler (or mingw, cygwin). And then add a OpenOCD Launch Configuration pointing to the elf file. Debugging works too, it doesn't have the stack analyzer that ChibiStudio supports but I like having a modern IDE more :)

Content of the CMakeLists.txt:

Code: Select all

cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.5 FATAL_ERROR)
project( VERSION )

macro (add_target name)
    set(default_opt BUILD_DIR=${CMAKE_BINARY_DIR}/${name})
            COMMAND rm -rf compile_commands.json
            COMMAND /home/julian/.local/bin/compiledb -n make ${default_opt} ${ARGN}
            COMMAND make ${default_opt} ${ARGN})


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