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19.1.x stable branch

Posted: Sun Jan 27, 2019 9:12 pm
by Giovanni

First release in the 19.1.x stable branch, name is "Vietri".

This first 19.1.0 has to be considered a release candidate, it will be followed by a first official release to which active customers will be updated.

This is the release note:

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*** ChibiOS 19.1.0 Release Notes.                                          ***

ChibiOS 19.1.0 is composed of several independent but inter-operable
sub-projects: RT, NIL, HAL, EX. Plus several external libraries
integrated in our structure: WolfSSL, FatFS and lwIP.

*** ChibiOS 19.1.0 highlights ****

This release is focused on features and  general improvements, HAL, RT and NIL
received a series of important improvements, new features have been added.

*** ChibiOS 19.1.0 general improvements ***

- CMSIS 5.4.0 has been integrated.
- Improved build system based on make.
- Now it is possible to define separate directories for each configuration
- Demo projects reworked to use the new make system and remove configuration
  files from the root.
- Linker scripts improvements.

*** What's new in RT/NIL ports ***

- Added a sanity check on GCC version for ARMv6-M, a version below 6
  must be used.

*** What's new in OS Library 1.1.0 ***

- Separated OSLIB from RT and NIL, now it is a separate "product" with
  its own version, configuration file and licensing. The library will
  grow to include more functionalities.
  RT and NIL will contain only the core functionalities, everything else
  is shared library code.
- Added a new "pipes" subsystem.
- Many improvements in Memory Pools, Object FIFOs.
- Stricter alignment checks in memory pools.
- chFifoObjectInit() renamed to chFifoObjectInitAligned(). Added a new
  chFifoObjectInit() without the alignment parameter.

*** What's new in RT 6.0.0 ***

- C++ wrapper reworked, now it is mostly inline code, added some new
  wrappers and methods. Added wrappers for more API functions. BaseThreads
  are no more descendants of ThreadReference.
- Change, chMtxGetNextMutexS() renamed to chMtxGetNextMutexX().
- Added a new function chMtxGetOwnerI() to mutexes.

*** What's new in NIL 3.2.0 ***

- Added chThdResume() function.

*** What's new in HAL 7.0.0 ***

- Added new SIO, TRNG, WSPI driver models.
- Removed EXT, QSPI driver models.
- Removed TRNG functionality from CRY driver.
- Low level drivers simplification. There is a new template of LLD, now
  driver and configuration types are defined in the HLD, LLD just exports
  macros with the fields to be added to the structures.
  So far the drivers updated are: ADC, DAC, I2S, RTC, SPI, TRNG, WSPI.
- New infrastructure for Serial NOR Flash devices.
- New and improved MFS subsystem.
- Improved CRY driver with better keys loading.
- Added a new "persistent storage" base class.
- Modified the RTC driver to implement the persistent storage interface
  instead of files interface.
- Added optional support for character match callback in the UART
  high level driver.
- Added new functions to I/O queues: qSetLink().
- ADC driver state machine change, now the state ADC_COMPLETE is set
  before calling the 2nd callback even in circular mode. This has been
  done for consistency with other drivers with circular buffers.
- The callbacks of drivers with circular buffers (ADC, DAC, I2S, SPI) have
  been simplified, no parameters. A driver function xxxIsBufferComplete()
  has been added to determine if it is the half buffer callback or the
  final callback.
- Event enable check API added to PAL driver.

*** What's new in EX 1.1.0 ***

- All drivers updated.
- Added support for LDM303AGR 6 axis Accelerometer\Magnetometer MEMS.
- Added support for LSM6DSL 6 axis Accelerometer\Gyroscope MEMS.
- Added support for LPS22HB 2 axis Barometer\Thermometer MEMS.

*** What's new in AVR HAL support ***

*** What's new in STM32 HAL support ***

- Introduced support for STM32L4+ devices.
- Added support for STM32L433 and STM32L443.
- Added support for STM32L072 and STM32L073.
- Added support for TIM21 and TIM22 in STM32 GPT driver.
- Added support for TIM15, TIM16 and TIM17 on GPT, ICU and PWM drivers.
- Both DMAv1 and DMAv2 have been reworked to support DMAMUX, DMAv3 has
  been removed. In addition, both drivers are now able to support dynamic
  channel allocation.
- Updated all drivers to use the new DMA API.
- Added demos for STM32L496ZG-Nucleo144, STM32L4R5ZI-Nucleo144 and
  STM32L4R9I-Discovery boards.
- Updated STM32L4xx headers to version 1.11.0.
- Restructured the STM32F4xx HAL support, added support for STM32F413,
  added ability to handle the TIMPRE bit, separated the clock tree in
  two distinct implementation to reduce the proliferation of compiler
  time conditionals, added more checks to the input parameters.
- Added support for oversampling in STM32 ADCv3 driver.
- Added analog watchdog functionality to STM32 ADCv2 driver.
- STM32 ADCv3, DACv1, I2Cv2, SPIv2 and USARTv2 are now DMAMUX-aware.
- Modified USARTv2 to support HW FIFOs where present.
- Added UART7/8 support to STM32 UART USARTv1 driver.
- Added an EXTI helper driver.
- RTCv2 driver now supports callbacks on events.
- Added option to enable bypass on SDIOv1 driver allowing to use a
  50MHz clock.

*** What's new in tools ***

- Added mcuconf.h generators for STM32L432xx, STM32L476xx, STM32L496xx,
  STM32L4Rxxx, STM32F72x/73x, STM32F746/756, STM32F76x/77x, STM32F413xx
  and STM32F303xx devices.

Branch 18.2.x is still in maintenance mode.
Branch 17.6.x is now unmaintained.

Please report any problem you could find with this release candidate in the "bug reports" forum section.


Re: 19.1.x stable branch

Posted: Sat Mar 16, 2019 6:42 pm
by Giovanni

Update 19.1.1 is ready, name is "Tramonti". Several fixes, mainly in HAL.

This release is composed by:
- RT 6.0.1.
- NIL 3.2.0.
- HAL 7.0.1.
- EX 1.1.1.

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*** 19.1.1 ***
- LIB: Re-introduced missing chGuardedPoolGetCounterI() function to guarded
       pools allocator.
- NEW: Extra timer checks in STM32 ST driver.
- FIX: Fixed various UART clock naming errors in STM32H7 HAL (bug #1021).
- FIX: Fixed missing STM32L4+ check in GPIOv3 driver (bug #1020).
- FIX: Fixed call to obsolete dmaStreamRelease() in STM32 I2Cv3 driver
       (bug #1019).
- FIX: Fixed misconfiguration in STM32L4R9I DIscovery board files (bug #1018).
- FIX: Fixed wrong Debug launch configuration in STM32L4Rx demos (bug #1017).
- FIX: Fixed wrong ADCSEL definitions in STM32H7 HAL (bug #1016).
- FIX: Fixed chTimeIsInRangeX() failing under some configurations (bug #1015).
- FIX: Fixed invalid AXI errata fix for STM32H7xx (bug #1014).
- FIX: Fixed invalid ADCD3 initialization in STM32 ADCv3 driver (bug #1013).
- FIX: Fixed invalid call to dmaStreamRelease() in STM32 SDIOv1 driver
       (bug #1012).
- FIX: Fixed wrong license restriction check in Nil (bug #1011).
- FIX: Fixed uninitialized variables in STM32 DMA drivers (bug #1010).
- FIX: Fixed wrong mcuconf.h in some testex demos related to STM32F407
       (bug #1008).
- FIX: Fixed problem in STM32 mcuconf.h template files (bug #1007).
- EX:  Fixed I2C Acquire bus called twice in the HTS221 initialization
       (bug #1006).
- EX:  Fixed missing I2C release bus in LPS22HB initialization (bug #1005).

Please remember that from now on our releases will be hosted on OSDN:


Re: 19.1.x stable branch

Posted: Tue Apr 23, 2019 8:44 am
by Giovanni

Update 19.1.2 is ready, name is "Minori".

This release is composed by:
- RT 6.0.2.
- NIL 3.2.1.
- HAL 7.0.2.
- EX 1.1.1.

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*** 19.1.2 ***
- NEW: Modified AES GCM function signatures.
- NEW: updates to MFS from trunk code.
- NEW: updates to test library from trunk code.
- HAL: Added H753 to all H7 mcuconf.h files.
- FIX: Fixed MPU setup missing on thread start (bug #1027).
- FIX: Fixed invalid I2C4 DMAs for STM32F76x (bug #1026).
- FIX: Fixed invalid STM32_UART7_RX_DMA_CHN for STM32F469 (bug #1025).
- FIX: Fixed invalid EXTI registry constant for STM32L4+ (bug #1024).
- FIX: Fixed missing RTC definitions in STM32L1xx registry (bug #1023).
- FIX: Fixed missing EXTI driver integration on some platforms (bug #1022).

Please remember that now our releases are hosted on OSDN:


Re: 19.1.x stable branch

Posted: Sun Jul 14, 2019 8:37 am
by Giovanni

Update 19.1.3 is ready, name is "Maiori".

This release is composed by:
- RT 6.0.3.
- NIL 3.2.2.
- HAL 7.0.3.
- EX 1.1.2.

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*** 19.1.3 ***
- NEW: Added a "library generator" project for RT, it allows to
       generate a library with a pre-configured RT. It also includes
       an "header generator" able to generate an unified "ch.h" with
       all options resolved.
- FIX: Fixed missing bracket in MX25 flash driver (bug #1038).
- FIX: Fixed some M7 demos compile as M4 bug #1037).
- FIX: Fixed missing I2C4 RCC definitions for L4/L4+ (bug #1036).
- FIX: Fixed missing delay after STM32 wait states setup (bug #1035).
- FIX: Fixed reduced time slices in RT (bug #1034).
- FIX: Fixed GCC scatter files alignment problem (bug #1033).
- FIX: Fixed long intervals fail when interval type is larger than time type
       (bug #1031).
- FIX: Fixed Round Robin check missing when in tick-less mode (bug #1030).
- FIX: Fixed RCC_AHB1ENR_BKPSRAMEN not present in all STMF4xx devices
       (bug #1029).
- FIX: Fixed MPU fix #1027 broke stack checking on Cortex-M devices without
       MPU (bug #1028).