20.3.x stable branch

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20.3.x stable branch

Postby Giovanni » Wed Mar 18, 2020 8:43 am


First release in the 20.3.x stable branch, name is "Erchie".

This first 20.3.0 has to be considered a release candidate, it will be followed by a first official release to which active customers will be updated.

This release is composed by:
- RT 6.1.0.
- NIL 4.0.0.
- HAL 7.1.0.
- EX 1.2.0.

The release note:

Code: Select all

*** ChibiOS next Release Notes.                                            ***

ChibiOS next is composed of several independent but inter-operable
sub-projects: RT, NIL, SB, HAL, EX. Plus several external libraries
integrated in our structure: WolfSSL, FatFS and lwIP.

*** ChibiOS next highlights ****

- New NIL 4.0.
- New ARM SandBox subsystem.
- New modules in OSLIB.
- Support for STM32G0xx and STM32G4xx.
- Support for all STM32 timers in all drivers.
- Improved support for all STM32s.
- Improved MFS module.

*** ChibiOS next general improvements ***

- Lots of style fixes thanks to the new code checker tool.
- Improved syscalls.c support.
- Updated FatFS to version 0.13c.
- Updated lwIP to version 2.1.2.
- Updated WolfSSL to latest version.
- Added support for .cc files extensions in makefiles.

*** What's new in RT/NIL ports ***

- Added support for a syscall entry point, it is used by the new ChibiOS/SB

*** What's new in OS Library 1.2.0 ***

- Improved OSLIB initialization.
- Modified core allocator to be able to get blocks starting from bottom
  or top of the available memory range.
- Re-introduced missing chGuardedPoolGetCounterI() function to guarded
  pools allocator.
- Added a cache class to OSLIB (experimental).
- Added support for delegate threads.
- Added support for asynchronous jobs queues.

*** What's new in SB 1.0.0 ***

- New sandbox subsystem. It allows to have untrusted/unreliable code to
  be run into one or more isolated enclaves (experimental).
  - Currently only GCC is supported.
*** What's new in RT 6.1.0 ***

- Added a "library generator" project for RT, it allows to
  generate a library with a pre-configured RT. It also includes
  an "header generator" able to generate an unified "ch.h" with
  all options resolved.
- New functions: chSemResetWithMessageI() and chSemResetWithMessage().
- Improvements to messages, new functions chMsgWaitS(), chMsgWaitTimeoutS(),
  chMsgWaitTimeout(), chMsgPollS(), chMsgPoll().

*** What's new in NIL 4.0.0 ***

- New NIL 4.
  - Increased API compatibility with RT.
  - Full threading (create, wait, exit).
  - Events support like in RT (optional).
  - Messages support like in RT (optional).
  - Full OSLIB support.
- New functions: chSemResetWithMessageI() and chSemResetWithMessage().
- Improvements to messages, new functions chMsgWaitS(),
  chMsgWaitTimeoutS(), chMsgWaitTimeout().

*** What's new in HAL 7.1.0 ***

- Added a new interface for range-finder devices.
- Added transactional updates to MFS. Doubled data headers magic numbers
  for improved safety and to keep the final write aligned to 64 bits.
- Modified AES GCM function signatures.
- Added and embedded flash driver model in HAL. Added an implementation
  for STM32F1xx, STM32L4xx, STM32L4xx+.
- Modified the ST driver to support, optionally, multiple additional
  callback-capable channels.
- Added error handling to WSPI driver, now LLDs can report error
  conditions to upper layers.
- Added canTryAbortX() function to CAN driver, implemented
  for STM32 CANv1.
*** What's new in EX 1.2.0 ***

*** What's new in AVR HAL support ***

*** What's new in STM32 HAL support ***

- Added support for STM32G0xx.
- Added support for STM32G4xx.
- Added support for ADuCM36x.
- Improved DMAv1 and DMAv2 drivers.
- TRNG support added to STM32F7xx, STM32G0xx, STM32G4xx, STM32H7xx and
- Idle callback support for STM32 USARTv1 UART driver.
- Improved support for shared handlers. Now there are centralized
  inclusion modules (.inc) containing shared handlers. The new modules
  can be included by the various STM32 platforms. So far the new system
  has been implemented for STM32G0, STM32G4, STM32L0, STM32L4, STM32L4+,
  STM32F7, STM3277.
- Added support for timers 9..17, 20..22 to STM32 PWM driver.
- Added support for timers 9..17, 20..22 to STM32 ICU driver.
- Added support for timers 10 and 13 to STM32 GPT driver.
- Added support for timers 9..14 to STM32 ST driver.
- PAL, SERIAL and SPI support added to ADuCM36x.

*** What's new in tools ***

- Code style checker tool added.
- Introduced mcuconf.h updater tool for STM32F407, STM32L052/L053/L062/L063,
  STM32L072/L073, STM32G4x1/G4x3/G4x4.
- Added script to generate board files from command line, just
  run ./os/hal/boards/genboard.sh with the board directory name
  as parameter.

Branch 19.1.x is still in maintenance mode.
Branch 18.2.x is now unmaintained.

Please report any problem you could find with this release candidate in the "bug reports" forum section.


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