Renaming ALLCSRC, ALLINC etc.

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Renaming ALLCSRC, ALLINC etc.

Postby Thargon » Mon Feb 25, 2019 4:09 pm


I just moved my project to ChibiOS 19.1 and finally updated my Makefiles to the new conventions. Thereby I immediately struggled with the "global" make variables ALLCSRC, ALLINC, ALLASM, ALLCPPSRC etc. I see that those have been introduced quite some time ago, but maybe optimizations are still allowed ;)

Actual projects will use even further variables, holding additional include paths and sources. Eventually the resulting Makefile looks like this:

Code: Select all

       $(BUT_THERE_IS_MORE) \
       $(FOR_INSTANCE) \
       $(TESTSRC) \
       $(CHIBIOS)/os/various/evtimer.c \
As you can see, it is quite ironic to call those variables ALLxyz, since there are even ChibiOS files and paths, which are not included in ALLxyz.
Imho, it would be more fitting to call those variables CHIBIxyz or CHxyz, and rename other (optional) variables to something like CHTESTSRC.

Maybe you can think about that, or you can just move this post to the trash immediately ;)


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