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Re: Digital pressure sensor Driver

Posted: Sun Oct 15, 2017 11:09 pm
by tfAteba
Hello all,

Two weeks ago, Rocco Marco made some comment about the BMP085 driver code. It was in a private discussion.
So Here is a resume of action that have to be done.

1) In the BMP085 main demo file, I have some global variables for calibration data. These variables are share by many instance of the driver if there is for example many Barometers used. This is clearly a bad point.

2) In the BMP085 driver, to have the temperature and the pressure, I'm using the algorithm provided by Bosch for this barometer, but Marco and I would prefer to have the data by using a generic formula as cooked data = (raw data* driver->sensitivity) - driver->bias

For the moment, I have just implemented the first point. Now the calibration data are part of the BMP085 driver so that every in,stance of the BMP085 driver have is own calibration data and avoid conflicts.

Marco, did you have the time last week to look at the second point (Maths)? This tow last week I was too busy :). I just committed the change to the trunk, so you can take a look and base you change on that.