[INFO] ChibiStudio P2 preinstalled into Linux Mint 19.2 VM

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Re: [INFO] ChibiStudio P2 preinstalled into Linux Mint 19.2 VM

Postby faisal » Wed Aug 07, 2019 4:44 pm

Giovanni wrote:
faisal wrote:Any news on updating the Chibi debug plugin to work with recent version of eclipse (after the debug interface changed post Mars I believe)?

Hi, it has already been done, you missed some post in the ChibiStudio forum about it. This VM contains the latest Eclipse and the updated plugin already.

Great! Sorry about that, I haven't had the chance to run the VM. Do you have the plugin separately and some instructions on how to install it, so that I can install it in my own installation of Eclipse? At my company, we have an embedded development VM with Eclipse (and a variety of other IDEs and tools) - and I would like to install it in there.

Giovanni wrote:About the Segger support, we are talking about a Linux VM, the DLL stuff is not applicable in this context I believe.

In the instructions I posted above, it mentions for Linux a .so file would be used instead. You should have the source for the plugin, as well as the built .dll and .so files. If you don't, let me know.
See here as well: https://forum.segger.com/index.php/Thre ... GDBServer/

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Re: [INFO] ChibiStudio P2 preinstalled into Linux Mint 19.2 VM

Postby Giovanni » Wed Aug 07, 2019 5:43 pm

Yes, you can install over your Eclipse, the URL is not the default one: http://www.chibios.org/eclipse/chibistudio_test

Normal ChibiStudio will stay with the old one until October, then it will switch.


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