Various proposal for improvments

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Various proposal for improvments

Postby psavr » Thu Feb 08, 2018 8:42 am

ChibiStudio is a great packet, working out of the box on MS-Windows, but unfortunately not on Linux (Mint / Ubuntu), at least I'm not able to get it run.

However, I guess for someone with better Linux knowledge, it would be a easy task to adapt the packet also for Linux and I would appreciate it, if you could provide a Linux version (or at least a installation guidance for Linux)

Other question: Is there soon an new Version for ChibiStudio planned? Further I would be glad if you could port the RT-STM32F746G-DISCOVERY-LWIP-FATFS-USB to the STM32F769I-Discovery.

Or what's about a demo with the STM32F769I-Discovery using uGFX graphics?

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