ChibiOS/RT acronyms and common terms

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ChibiOS/RT acronyms and common terms

Postby Giovanni » Tue Jan 24, 2012 9:49 pm

This is a list of common acronyms/words used in ChibiOS/RT forum and documentation:

Architecture: A specific CPU architecture, for example ARM7 or MSP430.
Kernel: The RTOS core in ChibiOS/RT, scheduler, allocators, synchronization, queues, messages etc, it is portable.
Port: The architecture-dependent part of the Kernel. A port targets a specific architecture and compiler and includes startup support.
HAL: A set of abstract (portable) device drivers and their platform specific implementations. The HAL allows access to common HW resources in an abstracted way.
Platform: A microcontroller family for example STM32 or LPC11xx.
HLD: High Level Driver, it is the portable part of a device driver.
LLD: Low Level Driver, it is the platform-specific part of a device driver.
OSALStarting from ChibiOS 3.0 the HAL does no more requires the ChibiOS/RT kernel, it can use any kernel able to provide an OSAL interface API, this includes RT, NIL but potentially also others.
Board Files: Files containing the initialization code for a specific board.
API: Application Programming Interface, functions/variables/macros that are the "official" ChibiOS interface for application.
I-Class: A special class of functions/macros that can be invoked from ISRs and require a special invocation protocol (see Kernel documentation).
S-Class: A special class of functions/macros that can be invoked from within kernel critical sections (see Kernel documentation).
Documentation: Read it :-)


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