STM32F429i-Discovery display support

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STM32F429i-Discovery display support

Postby Tectu » Wed Nov 12, 2014 10:44 am

A lot of people ask about the STM32F429i-Discovery support so I'd like to cover this from the uGFX side (as ChibiOS/RT is our main platform): The STM32F429i-Discovery board is fully supported by uGFX.
It comes with a ready-to-run demo using ChibiOS/RT 2.x (3.x will follow) and it DOES NOT require to use the stdperiph library. Our drivers come with built-in drivers for the LTDC and the required SDRAM module.

Note: The display panel on this board is really cheap and the colors look really dull. The colors of the emWin demo with which the board is shipped looks better as they cheated a bit. They manually adjusted some parts of the colors to make it look better.

~ Tectu

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Re: STM32F429i-Discovery display support

Postby chibby » Wed Mar 01, 2017 3:23 am

It comes with a ready-to-run demo using ChibiOS/RT 2.x (3.x will follow)

This is quite an old announcement now but I don't see where this "ready-to-run demo" can be found. Is this in chibios? Where?

Thanks for all the effort supporting this board and uGFX in general. Very impressive.

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