OpenOCD launch configurations

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OpenOCD launch configurations

Postby RoccoMarco » Mon Feb 05, 2018 3:20 pm

Starting from ChibiOS 17.6.4 and ChibiOS 18.2.0 (current trunk) OpenOCD launch configuration will be slightly changed. Note that these configurations are actually located placed under ($CHIBIOS)/tools/eclipse/debug/

This means that to see Launch configurations inside the dropdown menu External tools of Eclipse the "ChibiOS Whole Tree" project shall be imported into workspace and be opened. An alternative is to import the folder tools as project ($CHIBIOS)/tools. In any case one of these project must be opened.

Back to launch configuration now we have:
  • OpenOCD no interface (prompts for .cfg board configuration): this launch configuration does not select interface configuration as certain board script automatically select the interface. This is particularly true for the STM32 board scripts (tools\openocd\scripts\board) (e.g. stm32l0discovery.cfg, stm32f3discovery, etc, st_nucleo_f0.cfg, st_nucleo_f1.cfg, etc.).
  • OpenOCD on ICDI (prompts for .cfg target configuration): this launch configuration selects the interface of TIVA boards which are actively supported by the community.
  • OpenOCD on STLink (prompts for .cfg target configuration): this launch configuration selects the interface of STLink which now is unified for V1, V2 and V2-1. This launch configuration is extremely useful in case user has to deal with custom board attached to an external STLink dongle. Using this launch configuration you can use both the target scripts (tools\openocd\scripts\target) and board scripts (tools\openocd\scripts\board).

In case additional launch configuration are needed by community developers feel free to reply this post as I will try to maintain OpenOCD and related launch configurations.

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Re: OpenOCD launch configurations

Postby steved » Wed Feb 07, 2018 6:06 pm

That's going to be fine for a general case, although it's not the way I have things set up!

To avoid having to make choices, I usually create a small batch file in the project directory, which when clicked on loads openocd with the correct startup files. Maybe something along these lines is possible?
Even though I'm using custom boards, using a standard Nucleo or Discovery startup file for the appropriate processor seems to work just fine; maybe a custom file is necessary for the more esoteric designs.

On a related subject, I also create three files for debug, with the following options:
  • Run
  • Flash and Run
  • Make Flash and Run
These are usually copied and edited from a previous project; I must see if it's possible to embed the project name to make them generic.

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Re: OpenOCD launch configurations

Postby Marco » Mon Feb 12, 2018 6:47 pm


Just FYI, I created a PR on GitHub to remove the duplicated launch configurations for OpenOCD on ICDI for the TIVA devices.


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