Speed profiling using hal_serial_usb

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Speed profiling using hal_serial_usb

Postby sabdulqadir » Wed Nov 07, 2018 7:54 pm

Hi All,
I have been testing the speed on hal_serial_usb, testing with different size for SERIAL_USB_BUFFERS_SIZE, SERIAL_USB_BUFFERS_NUMBER and the size of buffer which goes in chnWrite(&SDU2, (const uint8_t *)&test_buff, TEST_BUFFER_SIZE).
I realized what matters most is SERIAL_USB_BUFFERS_SIZE. I was able to squeeze 19MB/s from running the driver alone on STM32F723.

But there was one more parameter which changed the speed substantially to 29MB/s. That was increasing the size check in obqWriteTimeout() [hal_buffers.c]

Code: Select all

    /* Smaller chunks in order to not make the critical zone too long,
       this impacts throughput however.*/
    if (size > 64U) {
      /* Giving the compiler a chance to optimize for a fixed size move.*/
      memcpy(obqp->ptr, bp, 64U);
      bp        += 64U;
      obqp->ptr += 64U;
      w         += 64U;

Do you guys think this parameter should be exposed so that it can be fine-tuned?

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Re: Speed profiling using hal_serial_usb

Postby Giovanni » Wed Nov 07, 2018 8:27 pm


Thanks for testing, probably yes, it should be exposed, moving this topic in "change request".


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