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Re: Time problem

Postby utzig » Fri Feb 05, 2016 11:26 am

General RTOS questions not related directly to ChibiOS can be easily found online. A good answer to your question can be found here:

http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2410 ... use-of-thi

Regarding the question about function declaration, I think both will do the same for ChibiOS but the second one (static THD_FUNCTION(Thread1, arg)) is prefered now because it's compatible with NIL. At least that's what I remember from head...

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Re: Time problem

Postby RTOSman » Fri Feb 05, 2016 11:52 am

Ok, haha i have a lot of questions

i have other question
1 thread fun() {
2 my_function()
4 chThdSleepMilliseconds(10);

i want to know how to determine the exectution time of my_function. it hase a relation with system tick ? or the speed of Micro controler ??. and the global time is it equal of time of my_function()+ 10 MS ??
Me i want a deadline of 10Ms even there is a big function in my thread or not. i want the interval of my friend works at 10 MS.
how do i do that please

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