Getting started with ChibiOS and troubleshoooting

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Getting started with ChibiOS and troubleshoooting

Postby RoccoMarco » Fri Nov 18, 2016 11:50 am

1. About this post
After some year spent on the ChibiOS Project I have co-founded a blog with free articles about embedded. Currently there are more than an author and even if I am the Editor-in-Chief, I am still writing article many of which are on ChibiOS and about how to getting started with it.

Giovanni has spent most of his spare time to write a book and some useful article which are on the main website of ChibiOS.

My hunch is that not everyone is aware of these resources and the purpose of this post is to provide a quick index to all of them.

2. Getting started with ChibiOS
After some years I have decided to renew the oldest part of my blog which was dedicated to the topic "Getting started with ChibiOS".
I am currently writing detailed articles and I will update often this topic. By the way, articles have been organised to provide you all the information step by step.

Here the list of articles:

  1. From 0 to STM32 an article which introduces STM32 and ARM architecture explaing also how to install STM32 related drivers.
  2. Developing on STM32: introducing ChibiStudio an article which explains how to set-up a ready-to-use Eclipse-based toolchain named ChibiStudio for the development on STM32. There are also information about some basic operations necessary for daily development.
  3. A close look to ChibiOS demos for STM32 (planned) A detailed explanation of ChibiOS demos, with focus about how to duplicate a demo and some exercises to take confidence with ChibiOS API.

3. Very common issues
3.1 Problems related to ChibiStudio, setup, flash and run procedure

3.2 Creating threads, blinking LEDs

3.3 Problems with inclusion of library, editing of makefile

This post will be updated soon with a list of very common issues and related articles which could provide a solution or necessary knowledge to solve them

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