STM32F4746G-Discovery - ChibiOS & Ugfx

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STM32F4746G-Discovery - ChibiOS & Ugfx

Postby chelox » Wed Jan 27, 2016 10:45 pm


I have a STM32F746G-Discovery board and I need to run Ugfx & ChibiOS together.
I tested the chibios demo and works fine!
I tested the ugfx demo and works fine!

But when I integrate both the display stops working

Someone could integrate Chibios & Ugfx in this board?


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Re: STM32F4746G-Discovery - ChibiOS & Ugfx

Postby Tectu » Mon Feb 01, 2016 1:02 pm

Hello chelox!

Both ChibiOS/RT 2.6 and ChibiOS/RT 3.x are known to work very well with uGFX. In fact, most uGFX users use ChibiOS/RT as their underlying system as it's a great OS (hint: uGFX originated as a ChibiOS extension).

There's a known compatibility issue with the ST headers used by the uGFX example and the ST headers used by ChibiOS/RT. This is due to the fact that we (the uGFX people) added support for the STM32F746-Discovery board before there was any support on the ChibiOS/RT side. Therefore our bare-metal example for the STM32F746-Discovery uses the code from the STM32Cube HAL to initialize the LTDC, FMC, DMA2D and SDRAM. Sadly we didn't have time to check-up on the support status of the ChibiOS/HAL for the STM32F746 since then. In case of there's support now, the proper way to get this working is to write the uGFX board files using the ChibiOS/HAL. In case of there's currently no support for this platform in ChibiOS/HAL, you have to figure out whether the ST headers used by uGFX or the ones used by ChibiOS are 'the old ones' as there appears to be a version related compatibility issue that keeps the current STM32F746-Discovery demo from uGFX running on ChibiOS/RT.
You can find more information here: and here:

We would really appreciate it if someone would take the time to resolve this issue. We are happy to help wherever we can!

~ Tectu

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