SSD1963 driver update

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Re: SSD1963 driver update

Postby fred » Sun Mar 17, 2013 9:58 pm

Tectu wrote:fred, could you please take the SSD1289 driver as a template and rework the structure?

Can do. Sorry for the mixup, didn't know that was the core of the issue.

On a different note: got the dimmer working.

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Re: SSD1963 driver update

Postby Tectu » Mon Mar 18, 2013 7:17 am

@fred: I'm not really sure if this is the issue with which petr has to deal with. It's just that the two main points - the GDISP_LLD() macro and the #defines for the board specifications are both things that have become obsolete for a long long time. I'd be really thankful if you could update the driver. You can use any of the others as a template - I'd recommend to use the SSD1289 since this is the oldest ChibiOS/GFX driver and the one I can help best with.

@petr: When you're using the GPIO interface, you must make sure that all your pins are set to Output-Push-Pull mode. Try to do this explicit using the palSetPadMode() and similar macros inside your source code before you call gdispInit(). I'm not sure how to help you best because I have neither, the display nor the F3 Discovery board. But from the other Discovery board I know, that there are very often pin conflicts with on-board hardware. Please make sure, using the schematics of the F3 discovery board, there are no components on the F3 Discovery board which could possibly drive the pins L, H or Z.

~ Tectu

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